Thursday, February 7, 2008

Location: Assategue Island National Seashore
Dates: March 27-30
Departing: March 27th 6:00 PM
From: The Field on Dimarco Dr.
Long.-Lat. 38.23645-75.13796

Use Google Earth and input 38.23645-75.13796, there you can see the entrance to Assateague.
You can use the download link to the Left, under Links to download Google Earth.



I have some “good news” and some “bad news”

Bad news; the State Park does not open until April 25th.

Good News; The Federal Park is open year round but campsites are first-come, first-served from October 16 through April 14.

1) Campsites are first comefirst serve so we will not have reservations, but I think we should be ok.
2) We will be in the National park on the Ocean Side.
3) No hot water, No Electric, No hookups at all, we will be totally self contained. We will need to collect and dispose of our water. And conserve electricity,we will have a generator that we can run during "Non Quiet Hours".
4) Centrally located facilities include chemical toilets, cold water showersand drinking water.
5) Fires must be in the grill however we can have a fire on the beach, weather permitting. But the fire must be below the high tide line, and must be extinguished with water instead of burying it. Here is a link for the tide,

Any suggestions on what to do about the fires. If we bring wood, pallet slats would probably be the best. Can someone get pallet scraps.
Or we could burn the Duraflame logs, but won’t be able to cook on them. I think regular Firewood would be too big for the grills but would be ok for the beach.

Just spoke with a Ranger and was assured the water is on year round but the showers will be off till mid April.

We will have electric due to an inverter and generator, but will be limited to usage Like…no MICROWAVE.
We will however be able to watch TV with the DVD player WooHoo!, so bring Movies if you like. A quick note on the Inverter, it is A MODIFIED SIENE WAVE so chargers for mp3 players, phones and other electronics may get damaged. THEY WILL NEED TO BE CHARGED DIRECTLY FROM THE GENERATOR!

Entrance fee will be $10.00 per car not person and $16.00 per night. I believe we are allowed 2 cars on a lot.

Bayside Campground closed for renovations: October 21, 2007 - June 1, 2008

Heres a link to the Rules and Regs of the campground.

John sorry no

Cant have them eating all my

Not too excited about building a fire in the grill though.
Where the hell will we put the pallets?

And for a mere $70.00 more, we can get a permit to drive on the beach from the campground to Chincoteague.. I think were gonna pass on this.

Fishing (More Links added to Link section)
Note: A fishing license is not needed to fish Maryland's Coastal Bays or the Atlantic. (However, a Chesapeake Bay Sport Fishing license is necessary to fish the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.)

Check with me before anyone buys any fishing rigs, Dad just gave me a boat load of stuff, no pun intended.

Adam I hope you don't mind being designated "Surf Master"?

I am pretty anxious about trying my luck at some “Surf-Fishing”.

Heres a couple Fishing Links, I was a bit upset to find out that we can’t use eel as bait

(click on photos for a larger image)

Top Left to right: Chemical Toilets, Boardwalk to beach between sites #30 and #32, Site #26, Site#34, Site #32, Site #28 and Site #30

Our choices are either Loop #1 or Loop #2 see map.


Spring: Often windy and cool with lows in the 40's and highs in the 60's.

Summer: Hot and humid with lows in the 60's and highs in the 80's.

Fall: Warm with lows in the 50's and highs in the70's.

Winter: Damp cold and often windy. Lows in the 20's, highs in the 40's.

Camp Kitchen and Menu

I was a bit unhappy with our last kitchen setup, so I wanted to try a different setup.

Still have a few bugs to work out..but this is the new kitchen.

I am looking for a few good cooks, Need a Breakfast Chef and a Lunch Chef, I will do the Dinners... I should be awake by then!

Here are a few Menus I have planned out. Menu #4 is in case John catches that big fish. I will bring some spices and stuff and a vacuum sealer in case that big fish is caught, you never know!
If we use clams as bait and don't do well fishing, we'll eat the DAMN clams.

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